“Launch of the Student’s Press Club” at the University of Juba

February 10, 2022-JUBA— The National Press Club South Sudan NPC-SS has officially launched the long-awaited Press club activities at the University of Juba School of Journalism Media and communication Studies SJMCS on Thursday. The event aimed to improve and build the courage of those in the school as they get to the profession.
Speaking during the occasion the Deputy Dean of the School of Journalism, Media, and Communication Studies Prof. Chaplian Kara appreciated the initiative and confirmed the effectiveness of the MoU signed between the University of Juba and the NPC-SS to work together in improving the skills of upcoming journalists in the Country.
On his part, the Country Director of UNESCO Mr. Julius Banda applauds his institutional support to relevant Media Organizations including NPC-SS to conduct their activities in order to build the capacities of the students as they get to the profession.
On the other hand, the representative of the diplomatic mission represented by the Canadian embassy Mrs. Jocelyn expressed the need to continuously advocate for the freedom of expression as a fundamental right for citizens in every country.
The Guest of Honor of the event was the commissioner of access to information commission Hon. Moyiga duru appreciated the importance of the day and related it to the due to be held World Radio Day WRD and urged students to be committed so that they cover the gap in the profession.

NPC-SS & AMDISS Sign MOU to promote cooperation and media advocacy

14th January 2022- National Press Club South Sudan (NPC-SS) and the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the partnership to promote cooperation and coordination of work between the two institutions.
The memo encompasses media advocacy and strengthening the capacity of media practitioners in the country. The executive director of Amdiss Mr. Michael Duku, MDI Principal Madam Irene Aya, and NPC Ochaya James, Poverty Alfred (NPC program Coordinator) has also witnessed the signing ceremony at Amdiss.
Mr. Bullen Yatta signed on behalf of NPC-SS and Juma Francis signed on behalf of AMDISS.

“We shall together improve the gaps through cooperation with the diverse media organizations, say NPC-SS

 December 27, 2021, Radio Miraya Breakfast Show hosted National Press Club South Sudan Program Coordinator, Mr. Poverty Alfred for a talk show about the importance of journalists and journalism in society and how society benefits from good journalism.
“We hope for increased better understanding by creating fora through get-together dinners and breakfast meetings that bring Journalists and stakeholders both state and none state to discuss the issues related to journalists and media workers”, Poverty says.
He added that the media organizations and partners need to complement each other to develop the South Sudan media and journalism profession to fit the required standards nationally, regionally, and internationally.
“We shall together improve the gaps through cooperation with the diverse media organizations and partners including the state actors to reduce the ongoing challenges in journalism profession as the election approaches”
To effect that, we in the National Press Club South Sudan together with the Union of Journalists of South Sudan have agreed to work jointly in the areas of capacity building for Journalists across the country. Poverty Revealed

UJOSS and National Press Club to empower journalists

23 December 2021 -In a just-concluded partnership meeting today chaired by UJOSS President Mr. Patrick Oyet, the National Press club South Sudan is looking forward to working with its partners to bring about a conducive working environment for journalists and media practitioners through capacity building activities that are crucial components for a vibrant media in the country

The two institutions have agreed to work together to enhance the capacity of Journalists across South Sudan.

We believe in being together to keep bound in this noble journalism profession

16 December 2021- NPC South Sudan Secretariat staff are pleased to convey their gratitude for your participation in the get-together dinner on 14th Dec 2021 in DA Vinci. We believe in being together to keep bound in this noble journalism profession.
Although the year comes to an end and as all get engaged in our various institutions trying to put things together ahead of the festive season, it is vital for us to continue sharing our thoughts and aspirations to consolidate our unity as media professionals in this country.
Your participation in our event made it colorful and we are certain that it enables each and every one of us to meet new friends and share ideas on how we can continue observing our professional media ethics and code of conduct as prerequisites ethical journalism.
NPC-SS will continue working closely with its partner organizations towards the quest for a conducive media environment in our beautiful nation.

NPC South Sudan trained regulators, media associations, and academia on gender mainstreaming


Group Photo of the Participants at Regency hotel Juba


JUBA 24th Nov 2021.  The National Press Club South Sudan (NPC-SS) with support from UNESCO has conducted a two-day capacity building workshop for regulators, media associations, and academia on gender mainstreaming and promotion of gender equality through the media.

The aim of the training was to inform the participants on the improved capacities of regulatory and legislative bodies in support of SDG5 by promoting policies interventions and ethical codes in order to improve gender equality in the media sector.

The journalists were also trained on editorial guidelines for equal representation of both men and women while reporting and balancing stories by using women who are experts among other important issues.

Journalists and media practitioners, civil society groups were empowered with skills to promote gender equality and equal representation of women in and through the media.


The Chairperson of the board of Directors for the National Press club South Sudan, Mr. Bullen Kenyi Yatta, says in South Sudan, many of our institutions are mainly influenced by some cultural norms.

Kenyi further said the media should use gender mainstreaming to promote gender equality in our offices and community.

“Gender mainstreaming is one of the methods or strategies to achieve that and fortunately or unfortunately the dissemination of information about gender inequality greatly lies on the media and therefore we expect that gender mainstreaming should start from our media organizations and our media houses because you cannot advocate for something that is not practiced yourself “, he said.

Mr. Kenyi has urged journalists to take the knowledge from the workshop and be ambassadors in their various media organizations and media houses.


Mr. Patrick Oyet, the President of the Union of Journalists of South Sudan, has recognized the importance of capacity building in order for the participants to be able to include more women in their reports including those women who are in the grassroots in their native language.

“Capacity building is something that we as the union of journalists think is very important. We believe that all of us have the ability to do great things and that ability can only be enhanced by capacity building for that reason, therefore, this capacity building organized by the national Press club promoted by UNESCO, I think is stepping in the right direction and all of us will also try to build our capacity so that we do our job better “, said Mr. Oyet.

Oyet also recognized the accomplishments of women holding senior positions in the media sector and how this is leading to inclusivity and changing the perception of women not being able to take leadership roles.


Dr. Tap Raj Pant, representative of the UNESCO education sector in South Sudan, says that women in Media are playing a critical role in promoting and SDG4, vision for Education 2030 which was set in 2015.

The SDG analyses the regional context, challenges, and opportunities, and provides policy recommendations through the lens of the overarching themes of equity and inclusion, while also considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many women are in the forefront in South Sudan and they are really contributing to the development of South Sudan which is very good, we need to definitely have a balance, both men and women should work hand in hand so that they can contribute not only to the family but to the community so this is the main intention towards it, If you look at sdg4  article four so there the role of women so women they are two designated value SDG5 is very and within the SDG4 there are several targets for education and one designated body for women girls education and girls participation, girls participation and access to education”, said Raj.

This program aims to improve the capacities of regulators and legislative bodies to support a development goal agenda 2030 by promoting policy interventions in the improved media and I believe that at the end of this training, all our journalists in our various media associations in the country and the members of the civil society will able to take it up and we shall be having equal presentations of women and in various positions.


“Your work can create change or impact in the community”, NPC-SS chair tells Journalists

Photo by NPC-SS


November 7, 2021, NPC-SS chairperson BOD Board of Directors Mr. Bullen Kenyi at the official closure of the two days in-house training in Yirol West at Yirol Community radio station has urged the journalists from the community Radio to remain committed despite the challenges they may encounter while practicing the profession.


“We shall do our best to ensure that we push some of the matters of interest to be addressed by available partners who will be and ready to support such community Radio stations in the country” Bullen adds

Nevertheless, the station Manager for Yirol community Radio Mr. John Ruei said that the management including the journalists will try their best to address the gender gaps and misunderstanding by creating messages that can educate and inform them accordingly to realize the expected impact in the community in regards to gender matters.

He further calls for more training of such to build the capacity of the radio staff and such training should be more than two days to equip the journalists with more knowledge.

One of the participants at the training Mr. Dut Takping appreciated NPC for the opportunity offered to build their capacity through such Gender responsive reporting that tackled gender issues and code of conduct with respect to ethics and the constitution of the country.

Community Radio stations in the Republic of South Sudan faced various challenges that limited them from delivering the required service that benefits the community and Yirol is one among many others that benefited from in-house technical capacity building training to strengthen the performance of Journalists in South Sudan.


Photo by NPC SS

Radio is a tool for development, Says NPC South Sudan



A group photo of the Participants at Yirol community Radio during training on basic journalism and code of conduct, gender-responsive reporting in Yirol West County, Lakes State.

6 Nov. 2021, Yirol; NPC South Sudan on Saturday started two days of Training in Yirol community Radio on basic journalism and code of conduct, gender-responsive reporting in Yirol West County, Lakes State.

At the opening remarks of the event of the In-house training, the Deputy executive director Mr. Dut Mayor Jong said that without journalists there will be no development and for a country to progress there is a need for journalists and the media to do the required work.

He appreciates the initiative brought by NPC-SS and the work done by the Journalists in the county for informing and educating the community on relevant information required.

Mr. Bullen Kenyi Yatta, the chairperson of National Press Club South Sudan (NPC-SS) said the training is to ensure that journalist conduct their work professionally in a conducive working environment since nobody intends to work in challenges.

Bullen said radio is a tool for development through the information disseminated. Therefore, he urged the reporters to open up their minds in learning such knowledge to improve their professional strength in Journalism.

On his part, the station manager of the community Radio Mr. John Ruei Kulang said that there’s a need for such training to be extended for more period of time so that a lot of areas are covered that are relevant to credibly inform the community in a professional manner on the community Radio.

This training is one among the other training conducted in four other Community Radio Stations in South Sudan covered by the

National Press Club to build their capacities to ethically report on Gender issues and scripting production of gender-related programs that later will be aired on the Radios to educate the communities.


NPC-SS Chair of the board of directors during his presentation to the participants through Yirol community Radio during training on basic journalism and code of conduct, gender-responsive reporting in Yirol West County, Lakes State. photo NPC-SS

NPC South Sudan legal proposes separate court for Journalists during panel discussions


NPC South Sudan Legal Advisor Adv. Godfrey Victor Bulla on Friday during the panel discussion

5 November 2021.NPC South Sudan Legal Advisor Adv. Godfrey Victor Bulla on Friday have represented NPC-SS in a panel discussion about “Justice to Journalists”, specifically the implications of the impunity at large as South Sudan commemorates International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists in South Sudan.

“I proposed the adoption of the separate court like the GBV Court to deal with offenses committed against journalists and that court will give more emphasis on the cases of journalists”, said Adv. Godfrey during the panel discussion on Friday.

He said the attack on journalists means an attack on freedom of the press. “Democracy will lose its meaning if citizens are not informed, empowered, and sensitized properly”.

The event was held at Internews, Afex Riverside that brought together different actors such as media houses, advocacy bodies at the media discussion. NPC South Sudan.


NPC South Sudan Legal Advisor Adv. Godfrey Victor Bulla on Friday during the panel discussion

Pictorial of “Meet and Greet dinner”


Juba Nov. 3, 2021, with the support from UNESCO, NPC  South Sudan Organized  “Meet and Greet dinner” at River Camp Afex with various stakeholders as part of the commemoration of International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against journalists today Wednesday 3 Nov. 2021. The event was attended by Diplomatic missions accredited to South Sudan.