Celebrating the Power of Radio: NPC-SS Supports UNESCO in Commemoration of World Radio Day in Bor

Bor, Jongolei State, February 13, 2024 – the National Press Club-South Sudan (NPC-SS) joined hands with UNESCO to commemorate World Radio Day at the Park Palace Hotel in Bor, Jongolei State. The event brought together media professionals, government representatives, and experts in the field to discuss the challenges and potential of radio in South Sudan.


During the opening ceremony, Mr. Poverty Alfred, the representative of the National Press Club-South Sudan, underscored the significant impact of radio in the country’s history. He called for dialogue and open discussions to address the issues between journalists and security forces.

Alfred emphasized that fostering a good relationship between journalists and the security forces would lead to the development of the media industry, improve the quality and accuracy of information, and ultimately contribute to the overall development of South Sudan. He reiterated that journalists are not enemies but messengers whose role is to disseminate information to the public.
Ms. Doreen Loboka, the senior communication officer for UNESCO, urged the government to create an enabling civic space for people to freely express their opinions, especially as the country was heading towards general elections. She emphasized the effective use of radio by the government to communicate its expectations to the people.
Loboka emphasized the importance of embracing both government and private media, as they both play vital roles in building a democratic government.
Maj. Gen Elias Kosta, the spokesperson for the Jongolei State Police, acknowledged the potential for misunderstandings between the media and the police due to inaccurate information. He called for mutual understanding and highlighted the need to recognize the contributions of police officers working in media organizations.
Kosta urged media organizations to consider awarding police officers who are involved in journalistic work and to focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the police’s work to educate the public.
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