“Your work can create change or impact in the community”, NPC-SS chair tells Journalists

Photo by NPC-SS


November 7, 2021, NPC-SS chairperson BOD Board of Directors Mr. Bullen Kenyi at the official closure of the two days in-house training in Yirol West at Yirol Community radio station has urged the journalists from the community Radio to remain committed despite the challenges they may encounter while practicing the profession.


“We shall do our best to ensure that we push some of the matters of interest to be addressed by available partners who will be and ready to support such community Radio stations in the country” Bullen adds

Nevertheless, the station Manager for Yirol community Radio Mr. John Ruei said that the management including the journalists will try their best to address the gender gaps and misunderstanding by creating messages that can educate and inform them accordingly to realize the expected impact in the community in regards to gender matters.

He further calls for more training of such to build the capacity of the radio staff and such training should be more than two days to equip the journalists with more knowledge.

One of the participants at the training Mr. Dut Takping appreciated NPC for the opportunity offered to build their capacity through such Gender responsive reporting that tackled gender issues and code of conduct with respect to ethics and the constitution of the country.

Community Radio stations in the Republic of South Sudan faced various challenges that limited them from delivering the required service that benefits the community and Yirol is one among many others that benefited from in-house technical capacity building training to strengthen the performance of Journalists in South Sudan.


Photo by NPC SS

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