NPC-SS donates a new motorbike to stolen Classic FM journalist Logonyi Denis Wani


Juba, 19th July, 2023- The National Press Club-South Sudan (NPC-SS) awarded a new motorbike to Mr. Logonyi Denis Wani, a Classic FM journalist whose motorbike was stolen earlier this month while covering a story in the field.


On July 4, 2023, we learned that Mr. Logonyi’s motorbike had been stolen as he was covering a story in Nagasogola church. The news of his stolen bike sparked sympathy among journalists and media organisations.


“NPC, please take or ignore this suggestion: we have all read the story of our colleague Longonyi, who lost his motorbike during the scuffle in customs yesterday. How about you make an appeal to some NGOs like CEPO or UN to get a motorcycle for him since there’s a strong justification that he was in the field for coverage? Warning: it’s just a suggestion”, Ajith, the Director of the Catholic Radio Network, wrote in a message to the NPC-WhatsApp group on July 5, 2023.


Ochaya James Philip, National Press Club, South Sudan (NPC-SS), handed over the donation to the Journalist at the NPC-SS office in the presence of Mary Ajith, the director of the Catholic Radio Network, who came up with the suggestion to stand in solidarity with Mr. Logonyi. 


“On behalf of the NPC-SS, I am very excited to welcome you at the NPC-SS office to witness the handover ceremony for the new motorcycle, the Bajaj Boxer, to our Media colleague, Mr. Logonyi Denis Wani, whose motorbike got stolen while on duty”, said Ochaya during the handover ceremony on Wednesday.


Ochaya said it is high time for the media sector to come together and provide a conducive working environment for the media, especially in the coming period of elections.



“This is a solidarity stand with our journalists to ease his work process and encourage them to do the work. As the Press Club, we believe the aspect of mobility is a priority for our journalists to be able to go and bring information to the public”, he added.

In 2021, the NPC-SS was able to settle the case of one of the journalists who was imprisoned for reasons unrelated to his journalistic activity, but the NPC-SS felt it was vital to stand in solidarity with him.


On her part, Mary Ajith, the Director of the Catholic Radio Network, said she is glad to be at the NPC office for the first time, and for a good reason. She said that when talking about the safety and protection of journalists, it is not only the journalist in person, but also their belongings and the garget they use in the field.


“When Denis lost his bike, I felt bad for him because it can cause trauma because he doesn’t have a bike to reach where he used to reach for news coverage. It is high time that, as media institutions, we take the issue of protection of journalists beyond their personal protection and safety of journalist but also to the garget they use”, Mary said.


She pointed out that it is our collective responsibility as media colleagues to support and stand with one another. She urged journalists and media organisations to work together to show solidarity.

 Mr. Logonyi Denis Wani, thank NPC-SS and the Director of the Catholic Radio Network for their solidarity support.

“Today is an important day, a day that a journalist can call our day. A bike looks like a small thing to some people, but to me personally, I know what it means because it helps me move far distances, like for a press conference.

“Thank you, NPC-SS, for all the processes that you have taken to make sure that this bike is finally here. I am forever grateful and would like to thank NPC from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

He stated that when his bike was taken, and he wrote about it on his social media page, he received a lot of sympathy from his colleagues. He believes that the bike has benefited seven people out of 10. Whether he goes out to the field, he always transports a colleague who does not have a means of transportation back to the office.


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