Amadi community Radio Journalists started in-house training on Gender reporting



October 16, 2021- Mundri West–The National press club-South Sudan has today started two days in-house training in Amadi community Radio station of Mundri west county with  support  from UNESCO.

During the opening ceremony NPC-SS board of directors chairperson Mr. Bullen Kenyi said NPC- SS’ mandate is to create a conducive working environment which is free of harassment/intimidation for Journalists and media practitioners  through engagement with various state and non-state actors in South Sudan.

The Executive director of Mundri west county Wasila Angtawa tendered his appreciation  to NPC- SS  for the courage and support to Amadi community Radio. Angtawa  also appreciate Amadi FM journalists for their resilience  and patriotism in carrying out this difficult task despite this hard economic crisis.

“It is very impressive that you Journalists have decided to serve the community of mundri west and I encourage you all to utilize this opportunity and ask the NPC- SS team any questions  about the Journalists profession so that you will perfect your work. Mr. Angtawa added.

Mr. Bullen said that Journalists have a great role and responsibility to play by maintaining professionalism when carrying out their duties for authorities to get convinced of their role.

“Journalism is a practical career and it is important for Journalists to learn all the basic principles  and Ethics of Journalists so as to perfect  their Journalistic careers.” He added.

Bullen stated that the NPC-SS team  has not come to teach Amadi FM journalists but rather to build their capabilities on how they can produce better programs, accurate news and improve their skills on gender sensitive reporting.

On another note, Billy Eluzai Samson, the Station manager of Amadi FM appreciated the NPC-SS team for coming to build his staff capabilities since  most of them do not have media background.

He further noted that Amadi FM currently has 14 staff members  of whom  two are female Journalists.

“The skills and knowledge that my staffs are going to acquire will have an  impact on the way we are going to report news, write and produce our programs “Samson narrates. He affirms that the knowledge that NPC- SS team will give Amadi journalists, its impact will be seen by the communities of greater mundri west county through the improved performance of the Radios programs.

The director urged the NPC- SS team to follow up  with the journalists after this  training to assess if they have learnt  and are doing things in a professional manner. He then officially opened the two days in-house training for the community radio station with packages  production  and airing  of programs focus on gender  and tackling violence against Women.

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